Gynecologists and embryologists working together in each case..

En Inebir, el modelo de trabajo es totalmente diferente. The goal – to obtain the highest success rates including the most complicated cases. With this purpose, all of the Bionac team has been selected and prepared especially to work under this model.

At Bionac, each patient receives personalized care. There are no two cases alike. For this reason, gynecologists and embryologists work side by side in each case to delve into finding the best solution. This teamwork between both departments leads to an absolute reassessment of the traditional methods found in other centers. For Bionac this requires more effort in each case but it allows us to address the problem from different perspectives increasing the success rate.

A laboratory designed specifically for a new work model.

El laboratorio de Inebir ha sido diseñado y construido siguiendo estrictas directrices. The result is a work space with the latest advanced technology in the fertility field where a team of highly qualified embryologists follow an exhaustive work method. The objective of this important technological and human investment is to achieve the perfect integration between the lab with the gynecologists´ efforts to reach the highest level of quality.

The laboratory is made up of three sections that are perfectly integrated:

  1. Andrology lab
  2. Embryology lab
  3. Cryobiology lab