Our team in Spain

Honesty, coherence and transparency are the fundamental cornerstones on which we will build our relationship.

A work model based on precision, technology and patient care.

Cristina Labrado

Biologist. Clinical Embryologist. Laboratory Supervisor

Mónica Condés

Biotechnologist. Clinical Embryologist

Aída del Rosal

Biologist. Clinical Embryologist

Ana Vertiz

Biotechnologist. Clinical Embryologist

María Mundi

Biotechnologist. Clinical Embryologist

Isabel Mª Tristancho

Laboratory Technician

Carmen Ferrer

Laboratory Technician

Lorena Perea

Laboratory Technician

Ana T. Marcos

Genetic expert

You can count on us, we can talk whenever you want.

From your initial visit, you will have a nurse assigned to you that will inform you
of every step of your treatment and will resolve any doubts you may have.

Ana Mª Jiménez

Treatment scheduling coordinator

Our surgical experience contributes to your peace of mind.

Taking care of the small details so you will feel at home.

Ana Mª Mathieu

Front office

Leticia Sarmiento

Front office

Erika H. Castilla

Front office

Tamara Mesa

Front office

María Gutiérrez

Front office

María Palomino

Psychologist. Patient Advocate

We facilitate payment so that you will be concerned with what really matters.

Francisco García Jiménez

Business Manager

Rocío Muñoz

Communication coordinator

Raquel González

Director of Administration

Louise Quesnel

International relations coordinator

Our team in Italy

International partners

Dr. Davide de Vita

Director of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Rizzoli Hospital (Naples, Italy)