In INEBIR it is considered essential the protection and care of the Mental Health of our patients, exactly for that reason we have a Psychology Department, specifically qualified in Clinical Psychology, and in areas like psychotherapy, couple counselling and family therapy.

People can apply for psychological assistance along their lives for various reasons. Couple problems, family problems, stress, diagnosis or daily coexistence with physical illness, mourning or losses, or work problems. These reasons can make people have emotional crisis and we need professional help to improve ourselves.
The main feature of our Department is to personalize psychological treatment with a psychological assessment and precise diagnosis. We promise the confidentiality, and a secure calm setting.
The main areas of intervention of our Psychology Department are:

  1. Reproduction
  2. Donation
  3. Recurrent miscarriages
  4. Sexual dysfunction
  5. Psychotherapy
  6. Chronic Pain

In INEBIR it is also considered fundamental the muldisciplinary treatment, and our Psychology Department works together with the professionals, with a common goal: offer help to our patients with high-quality.

  1. Reproduction
  2. The wish of having a child and confront difficulties to conceive them is, in most people, an authentic vital crisis where a lot of feeling and emotions appear. People that receive fertility treatment have, at some moment of process, symptom of anxiety and depression, hopelessness, guilty feeling, helplessness, sorrow, frustration, anger, fear and low self-esteem. It is common lack of communication in couples, reduction of social relationship and the interference in work performance.

    That is why in INEBIR we have in mind the need and the importance of protecting our patients’ mental health, giving priority emotional care, offer specialized service of psychological intervention.

    How can we help you?
    The Psychology Department of INEBIR has as a main objetive to prevent and detect the psychological discomfort that can appear during fertility treatment, and facilitate our patients´well-being and quality of life.

    Our principal role is to identify worries and fears, favour the acceptance of emotions, and foment the development of personal adaptative resources in order to moderate emotional discomfort. We are going to help to solve questions such as:
    — How do we relax?
    — How do we find strength and what strategies should we follow to face one or several treatments?
    — How do we avoid inconvenient questions?
    — Who can we talk to about the subject and what do we say?
    — How to cope with pregnancies in our social setting?
    — How do we prevent the relationship with our partner from deteriorating?
    — How do we face work and frequent work absences?
    — How do we confront grief and loss?

    Dra. María de Gracia León will accompany you since the start of treatment and she will do an evaluation of your emotional needs and she will give:
    — Emotional support during the treatment
    — Psychological Treatment to person that applies for psychological assistance.
    — Individual Therapy and/or counselling for couples.
    — Group Therapy: a meeting of people that comment their experiences under the guide of a professional of Psychology.

    Is important know that our support does not limit to situation related to diagnosis or during the treatment. We offer help during the following periods to the treatment, as much in the successful case as in the failure case, with specific interventions in process of grief. Also, we make monitoring of pregnancy and the babies to observe development and give support to parents in the nurturing process.

  3. Donation
  4. Director of the Psychology Department belong to multidisciplinary team of the Egg Donation Programme of INEBIR, and make interview of psychological evaluation to people that come to request the donor of oocytes in our clinic. The fertility treatment with donation, either with oocytes, semen or embryos, is, according to our experience, one of the moments where more emotional difficult appear. In this moment of treatment it is fundamental the psychological support. Precisely for that reason, we offer:
    — Specify Interventions to clear doubts with respect to the donation.
    — Counselling and psychological support to receptor people for facilitate a make an appropriate decision.

    The purpose of these interventions is favour the express yoourself the fears of future parents. The main questions that receptor people often ask are as follows:
    Is this treatment habitual or are we unique? How is the donor selected in our clinic? What do I know about the donor? What does the donor know about me? Will he/she be similar to us? How will our son or daughter be? Must I say it to our son or daughter? When and how will be the best way of informing about his/her origin? Will he/she accept to me as his mother/father? Will I accept to him/her? What psychological and genetics risk will his/her have?
    We consider fundamental to clear all doubt and receive all information to be able to make a free decision in line with your personal values. The information that we provide is based on studies with scientific evidence about topics related to the influence of genetic and ambient, the development of affective bond between parents and children, and the national current legislation.
    Also, we have a Mutual Aid Program. In INEBIR we know that it is useful to make contact with people with similar situation in this moment of decision about treatment with donation. Therefore, we facilitate the communication between receptor people to share their experiences, emotions and thoughts.

  5. Recurrent miscarriages
  6. A recurrent miscarriage is the unintentional interruption of pregnancy, happened three or more consecutive times. Usually, loss of wished pregnancy produces depressive symptoms, anxiety, low-self steem and grief process. It causes an important psychological impact with feeling of injustice, perception of loss of control, sadness, discomfort with social red, attribute with responsibility and guilty, and fear that it can happen again
    In INEBIR it is considered essential the muldisciplinary treatment in these cases and we make specify interventions in grief process. Therefore, we make monitoring and prenatal care during next pregnancies to reduce anxiety and fears.

  7. Sexual Dysfunction
  8. Emotional factors affects to sexual life. Couple difficulties, low self-confidence, lack of communication, fears, depression, guilty feeling, or suffer traumatic experiences, are often associated with sexual dysfunction.

    In our Department we make psychological treatment to sexual dysfunction that makes the person or couples stop having a sexual health and enjoying with intimate relationship.

  9. Psychotherapy to Children, adolescent and adults
  10. In our Psychology Department make psychological evaluation and therapy to people that apply for psychological assistance.

  11. Chronic Pain
  12. In INEBIR it is considered that the psychological treatment is a fundamental support tool to develop personal resources in order to live with the pain and improve the quality of live in illnesses such as:
    — Chronic fatigue syndrome
    — Chronic Pelvic Pain
    — Fibromyalgia

    Therefore, in our Psychology Department offer individual treatment and group therapy.