My story

It´s impossible for me to express with words what Bionac has meant to me. It was the first clinic I visited and I chose it because it was close to my home. After the initial visit with Dr. Navarro I knew I wouldn´t visit another one, I was right.

Dr. Navarro treats you with such care and special delicacy. He is kind, affectionate, respectful in each moment, always tries to make you smile and makes you feel as relaxed as possible. He knows better than anyone what we have to go through. He is always there including clinic hours and after hours. Heavens!! That gives you peace of mind.

One day he told me, “ We will do this.” I always confided in him. I let myself go by his enthusiasm and professionalism and never thought about giving up. As long as he told me I had possibilities, I would keep fighting. I kept fighting and WE DID IT.

We all go with the mindset of making our dream a reality: BECOMING A MOTHER, without thinking or knowing that to achieve this goal one has to at times go through a long and hard process. At least in my case, I have endometriosis and I had to undergo various procedures but I had the good fortune of counting on the Bionac team to make it easier to carry my load.

The team is made up of Dr. Navarro and Dr. Gutiérrez, the lab (at times we forget about them because we don´t come in contact with them directly), the nursing assistants Amalia and Pili and MY GIRLS from patient care Ana, Claudia, Luisa and Patricia, and MY NURSES with their never ending patience Ana, Carmen, Fátima, Paola, Reyes and Rocío. Oh the times we´ve cried together!

I will carry you in my heart and I will be eternally grateful to you for having made a precious little person call me, “mommy,” a reality. As well as for always providing me with help, encouragement, support, and making me feel loved. You cannot imagine what you have meant to me.