My story

I met Dr. Navarro in one of the worst periods of my life. I had been fighting against infertility for 12 years at the Women´s Hospital in Málaga. They mislead me by making me think they were going to treat me, applied rules to my case that did not exist and they gave me absurd answers so I wouldn´t be put on the reproduction waiting list. I felt deceived, humiliated and as if I were a lost cause. They mocked me and I lost a lot of years of my life living a lie. When I initially went to the Women´s Hospital in Málaga, I had already had two abortions. I pleaded with them to treat me and told them that I didn´t want to abort anymore.They only gave me clomiphene citrate to make me ovulate more and told me to keep trying due to the fact that I was young and did not need any treatment. That is how I got to experience six abortions and one ectopic pregnancy (left fallopian tube operated on) and nearing the 40 year old mark. At that moment they said that doing a treatment cycle would be a waste of money and that because I had aborted naturally, I would abort with treatment and of course, I was already too old to be a mother…

After many formal complaints, collecting signatures, being on the news media and giving the high executives a headache, I got them to do two miserable treatments that were done by the same people and in the same place that I had so many times made formal complaints about. They didn´t give me the option of changing centers and therefore I knew from the first moment that it wouldn´t work and that is exactly what happened. When they had given up on me they told me that I needed to get used to the idea that I´d never become a mother and they weren´t going to do any more treatments because it would be a waste of money.

But as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining and on that hard journey, in a protest video I put on the web, I met Dr. Navarro. He backed me up and even though I had lost hope, he told me we had to achieve it and that´s how it happened. I got pregnant with twins after the first treatment and have two super precious children.

That is why I have nothing but gratitude for Bionac: to all team that was wonderful to me, to Dr. Gutierrez and especially to my dearest Dr. Navarro that was an angel that crossed my path. While I am alive, I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you for everything.