My story

The first time that I entered Dr. Navarro´s clinic office was by chance. The doctor that I had been assigned to wasn´t there that day. I had been doing assisted reproduction treatments several years in other clinics. I had accumulated a lot of doubts. Without much hope, I asked him a question and was surprised when, unlike what had happened to me in prior occasions, he started answering with data: scientific, up-to-date, precise. “Any more questions?, he asked me. “Yes, I have many more but I will save them for another day.” I didn´t want to take advantage of the situation. It was then when he said, “ I have nothing else to do today until you have resolved all of your doubts.” A few days later I was pregnant with my little girl.

A few years later I came to know of Bionac when it was only a project in the restless mind of Dr. Navarro. That´s how I had the joy and privilege of watching it grow. I can attest to how every detail was cared for, determined to offer the maximum quality and rigor in the medical treatments and in the laboratory, but above all, the main objective: providing patient care. They wanted this care to be exquisite and from the first day, they took it to heart. I have witnessed it many times. When you first enter Bionac, the ladies at reception greet you as if you were someone from their family. The waiting room is a pleasant place where a smiling nurse will promptly announce your name with familiarity. Right away, she will ask you with immense affection how you are and with extreme sweetness and care, as if this were a flower they were dealing with , they accompany you to the clinic office. In that clinic office your dreams, hopes, wishes are at times shattered without being able to contain your sadness, doubts, discouragement, powerlessness…but in every case, on the other side of the table, you will find a doctor that at that precise moment you are his only priority. They will encourage you and console you when your heart is broken. Besides, I can assure you that they will do everything possible and impossible so that you can make your dream of becoming pregnant come true.

I didn´t achieve it on the first try. Several treatments were necessary but in that ferris wheel of feelings that go up and down I felt pampered and accompanied in every shot and in every ultrasound, in every doubt and in all my fears, at any time of the day or night I knew that a friendly voice would encourage me on the other side of the telephone.

And that is how hand in hand with Bionac I walked safely until “ there was joy in the flowers, the riverbeds of all the rivers were flooded, and in unison all the voices spoke of love”… because my little boy arrived.