My story

I wanted to be a mother and I had lots of problems. I could not get pregnant for which after two operations and one failed treatment in the Virgen del Rocío Hospital they spoke to me about Dr. Navarro. I call him Pepe. I placed myself in his hands, blessed hands. It wasn´t easy, not at all easy. We had to go through a long journey filled with many obstacles, operations, treatments, an abortion, and a long etc. After a pretty complicated pregnancy, my twins Manuel and Alejandro were born. The two most beautiful little people in the world. The most wonderful thing that can happen to a woman, becoming a mother, and after all that I had to go through, I have no words that can express my joy, our joy – of course my partner is also there, although the maternal sentiment is ours.

I have summarized a lot, but what counts is the happy ending like in the fairy tales…only that this is real life.

Kisses to everyone. All the nurses, colleagues at Bionac, Dr. Gutiérrez, a lovely and pleasant person, and especially to my Pepe, even though I gave him hell at times, it was he who achieved the miracle of life.