Inebir has added to its range of services a Research Unit directed by Dr. José Navarro Pando and Marco Toschi, which offers patients who demand this type of medical response, a Research, development and innovation Unit and a Genetic Unit.

Inebir’s work policy in its Research Unit focuses on comprehensive service and care (diagnostic platform) which aims to reduce the level of stress and concern that any of the diseases to be treated cause in our patients by means of a care model in which the patient is the centre of attention and around whom all the professionals involved in the resolution of the health problem work. Thus, the care process includes the following steps.

  1. Identification of the health needs of the patient.
  2. Analysis of the problem by a multidisciplinary team.
  3. Development of an agreed strategy to deal with the case.
  4. Resolution of the case.

The patient centered care model
Once the therapeutic procedure has been decided on, the professional Inebir team will be responsible for managing all diagnostic tests and all therapeutic interventions needed, always in continuous dialogue with the patient.

The problem of the waiting times
Inebir is aware of the high emotional stress of waiting times in diagnosis or treatments. Therefore, the Institute of Applied Biotechnology agrees with patients to shorten these periods to a minimum. When possible, the commitment includes diagnostics and interventions on the same day.

One act
One act is an assistance model in which the identification, analysis of the health problem and diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to resolve it are performed on the same day, with minimal discomfort to the patient.