“During the treatment I felt what I hadn´t felt in other centers, I felt embraced.”

The first time I entered Dr. Navarro´s clinic office was by chance. The doctor that I had been assigned to wasn´t there that day. I had been doing assisted reproductive treatments several years in other clinics. I had accumulated a lot of doubts. Without much hope, I asked him a question and was surprised when, unlike what had happened to me in prior occasions, he started answering me with data: scientific, up-to-date, precise.

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Hello Ana, Elizabeth, Pilar, Kate, Rocío, Mary, Silvia, Carmen...
for us, you will never be a number.

It is important that you know that the entire Inebir team is available to help you. From your initial visit you will be assigned a nurse that will inform you of the different tests and phases of your treatment. Furthermore, they will be available to you in case you have any doubts.

Personalized care

Free initial visit.

We perform a complete physical exam to begin to study your case. How do I prepare for my initial visit?

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Free second opinion

We make our medical team available to you so they can give you a second opinion regarding your case.

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You can confide in us

The success of our treatments lies in the teamwork executed between the gynecology and embryology departments. It has taken us years to create a great team: multidisciplinary, dynamic, with extensive experience in reproduction. Our team is constantly undergoing training and developing professionally. Innovation and improvement are our daily objectives. This is the only way we achieve to offer you quality service with excellent results.

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