The Inebir team is comprised of 7 physicians and more than 15 health care professionals. In the last 5 years, we have helped more than 6,000 patients worldwide overcome their infertility with a pregnancy success rate of 98.8%.

At Inebir, we know that the key to this success is a staff that is committed and strives daily to achieve the best results for each individual patient. Our health care professionals need to feel completely satisfied with their job performance. For this reason, we set clear career objectives for each of them.

In addition, Inebir is strongly committed to research in reproductive medicine and gynecological surgery. This continued commitment improves patient quality of life and allows our clinic to advance in fertility treatments. Our patients are able to participate in various projects currently being developed.

We help create families and therefore promote the reconciliation of professional and personal life. We offer stable employment and an optimal working environment. Inebir does not tolerate abusive labor policies or harassment at the workplace.

If you are passionate about Gynecology and Human Assisted Reproduction and want to join our team, please send us your resume at